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Welcome to Boring AMC: Pioneering Sustainable Investment Growth


Born from the partnership between Asas Capital and Omkara Capital, Boring AMC embodies a commitment to honest, transparent, and research-driven asset management. Our founders, Mr. Varinder Bansal and Mr. Himanshu Khandelwal, bring together a legacy of excellence in global and local markets.

Our Philosophy

At the core of Boring AMC is our 3P Investment Philosophy focusing on Promoter, Product, and Price, ensuring each investment is backed by in-depth analysis and a clear competitive edge.

Investment Strategies

Our strategies are built on the foundation of discipline, rigorous process adherence, and a commitment to minimizing errors. We prioritize stability, reliability, and sustainable growth in our investments.

Join Us On A Journey Of Enlightened Investment.

Download Our Comprehensive Presentation or Schedule a Personal Meeting with Our Senior Analyst to Discover How Boring AMC Can Elevate Your Investment Portfolio.

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