Saudi Group Wins Subway Master Franchise Deal In UAE

Saudi Arabia’s Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group on Tuesday signed a master franchise agreement with Subway in the UAE as the restaurant brand seeks to expand its footprint in the region. The deal marked the start of a new chapter for Subway in the UAE as it seeks to expand its footprint and remain competitive in […]

Strategy Ideas

Executive director presenting company strategy, business audience

It is impossible to predict the macro zeitgeist in real time as a global political event of such seismic importance unfolds before my Bloomberg screen. So I go all cash and fly to Munich not to seek peace in our time but to revisit loony King Ludwig’s Bavarian Gothic fairy tales castles, the cafes of […]

Drilling for deep value oil and gas Seven Sisters shares on Wall Street

FPSO tanker vessel near Oil platform Rig at night. Offshore oil and gas industry

Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman is the first member of the House of Saud to hold the position of Oil Minister in the history of the kingdom. His appointment is a signal that Saudi Arabian wants to nudge crude oil prices higher from their current $60 – $62 Brent range to at least $70 – 80 […]

Why I became a sterling bull last week for a 1.30 cable target

Plenty of Collectible Coins

The political drama in Westminster last week was pure Sophocles, as nemesis gutted Boris Johnson’s hubris. Boris Johnson’s agenda for a “do or die” hard Brexit was killed by two humiliating defeats in the House of Commons parliamentary votes and a bitter schism in the Conservative Party (and the UK Cabinet) after the Prime Minister […]

Four heartbeats of global finance in September 2019

Global currency...

Wall Street folklore contends that four data points reflect the interrelationship between the price of money, interest rates, the price of currency (US Dollar Index), the price of gold and price of crude oil, the four heartbeats of global finance. These heartbeats also shape the pulse of major asset classes, including property. One, the price […]

Dr. Raghuram Rajan’s lost passage to india

Gateway Of India Mumbai

It is dangerous to speak truth to power in a time of cholera. It is dangerous to tell the truth, to call billionaire oligarchs who have looted state owned banks “crooked”, to call the Maharajah’s political courtiers “venal”, to criticize religious intolerance when a lifelong RSS zealot is the Indian Prime Minister. So Raghuram Rajan, […]

Asas Capital and Stay Well’s Hospitality tie up


Australia’s largest privately owned hotel management company StayWell Hospitality Group (SWHG) today announced the signing of a management agreement to open and operate the company’s first Park Regisproperties in Makkah Saudi Arabia. Expected to open in the second quarter of 2018, the remarkable two hotels boast 286 and 344 guest rooms respectively (630 rooms in total). […]

British equities and recession in the sceptered isle!

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David Cameron, Wall Street’s elite, Mutti Merkel, Obama, the Eurocrats of Brussels, the great and the good of the City and the IMF’s Lady Christine all got it so horribly wrong. I slept Thursday night with sterling at 1.50 on New York and awoke to see it trade at 1.34 on Friday, a 30 year […]